Shade PRO


The ShadePRO is a VR-Cardboard for users with requirements like quality and durability. The sophisticated design puts emphasis on design and wearing comfort. 

  • top quality 
  • wearing comfort
  • adjustable lenses
  • headband

Delivered fully assembled. 

  • High-quality processing of materials with dispersion varnish and matt lamination
  • Comfortable to wear through comfort-pads and a sharper image and clear view through individually adjustable lenses
  • Enhanced Field of View and deep sides for a completed VR experience
  • innovative technique to hold even smaller smartphones (e.g.. iPhone 5 etc.)
  • 35 mm lenses

You are looking for a cardboard, that is robust and reliable, but with a sophisticated design and high wearing comfort. The ShadePRO is your choice. 


Width: 157mm X Hight:


60 gramms


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