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What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual Reality is the depiction of real-time computer generated, interactive World.

How do the “Shade”  VR viewers work?

The “Shade” uses stereo projection. Two images are displayed on the smartphone from two slightly different perspectives. This way the user gets an impression of physical depth.

The gyro sensor of the smartphone senses the head movement of the viewer and is reacting in real-time. This way the viewer can view in a 360° radius and partly interact with it.

If your smartphone has a hall sensor you can use the magnet lever to navigate through the applications. For example you can jump from image to image or restart the application.

Attention! You smartphone needs to be designed for that. Please check the information of the producer.

Is my smartphone usable for the “Shade” VR viewer?

In general any smartphone or phablet is usable with the “Shade” VR viewers. Magnet lever: Your smartphone has to have a hall sensor.
NFC-Chip: Your smartphone needs to have the NFC technology.

Where do I find applications or content?

You find apps in your respective Appstore. Please also look at content examples here: /examples?lang=en

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